Greetings! 👋 This is Jordi Cubiró here (Cubi). SEO Product Manager and SaaS lover. Currently reporting from the vibrant city of Berlin!

I’m a true product enthusiast, and you’ll often catch me tinkering away on all sorts of projects. From nifty automation scripts to more complex SaaS platforms like ValueRadars . I even have a portfolio of niche sites that I’m secretly proud of. 🙈

I currently work as a SEO Product Manager at Datarade, while collaborating with various SaaS brands as their trusty technical SEO consultant.

When I’m not busy crushing it in the SEO world, you can find me cycling and enjoying the great outdoors. 

In this blog you’ll find useful resources (hopefully) to supercharge your SEO strategy and make your work life a whole lot easier. Get ready to rock your online presence like never before!