Hi! 👋 This is Jordi here. I’m an SEO Growth Strategist specialised in Technical SEO and Growth Strategy. I’m currently working at Skale, where I put together actionable growth strategies that help SaaS brands achieve their business goals. 

In my spare time I enjoy cycling and spending time outdoors.

In this blog you’ll find useful resources (hopefully) to grow your SEO strategy while working more efficiently. Hope you enjoy it!


I’m a proud graduate of Pompeu Fabra University, a fine institution where I studied Business Mangement. The bachelor left me quite some time to learn and practice SEO by myself. 

Since 2016 then I have worked in some of the most challenging industries, like Affiliate Gambling, E-Commerce and SaaS, both in-house and agency.

I’m now 25 years old and work as an SEO Consultant at Skale, a specialist SaaS SEO agency.

 Feel free to drop me a line if you want to have a coffee with me. ☕

Contact ME

Email: hello@jordicubiro.com